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Most women face unwanted pregnancies once in their life and it can be dreadful. Many women are not aware of all the options that they can use if they want to terminate the pregnancy. Cytolog abortion pills are one such option that can be used safely to terminate pregnancy effectively in under 56 days of gestation.

This process that uses only medication to terminate a pregnancy is called is medication abortion. It is medically approved and preferred by millions of women all over the world. As women, these days can buy Cytolog online for their abortion.

This blog will discuss…

Today we are rapidly making advances in every field including communication, transport as well as health science. A procedure like abortion which previously needed surgery now can be done at home with help of medication. The medication used in abortion is commonly known as abortion pills.

This is comparatively new, as it is approved to be used in the USA in the last two decades. And since then 40% of all abortions were medication abortions. The method is popular because of the ease and the privacy it provides.

Women can also order abortion pills online and choose the date, time…

Women may choose to end a pregnancy for medical or personal reasons. These incorporate spontaneous pregnancy or conditions that endanger the pregnancy or birth.

It's safe to do an online consultation

Choosing to end a pregnancy can be difficult. However, it’s most secure to do as such as from the get-go in pregnancy as could really be expected. Early abortion rarely causes any severe complications.

A first-trimester abortion should be possible within 8–10 weeks of your last period. There are 2 alternatives:

  • Medicines (medical abortion), if you are under 8 weeks pregnant.
  • Vacuum methodology (surgical abortion), any time during the principal trimester.

A 2nd-trimester abortion should be…

Unplanned pregnancies can be avoided with various contraceptive methods. There are different types of contraceptives available. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages and vary in their success rate. Some common contraceptive methods are explained below.

Avoid Unwanted pregnancy

Tracking your periods:

This is a completely natural method to avoid pregnancy. In this method, you should track starting and ending days of your period over time. Pay minute attention to changes in your body to figure out your fertile period. That is 8–9 days and varies from person to person. Once you figure out your fertile period avoid sex during this period…

“Early pregnancy loss” can be either referred to as “miscarriage” or “spontaneous abortion”. It is a natural process where the fetus dies before 12 weeks. About 15–20% of all pregnancies may face the situation of miscarriage

Misoprostol for early pregnancy loss.

The exact reasons for its occurrence are not clear. It is also known as missed abortion as the fetus is dead but is not expelled from the body yet. It is important to note that regular day-to-day activities and mild exercise do not cause it.

The dead fetus and the pregnancy tissues can be removed from the uterus using following ways

  1. Waiting for the…

Termination of unplanned pregnancy is called abortion. It can be done within 8 weeks of pregnancy. There are two methods of abortion, medication abortion, and surgical abortion.

Surgical abortion- In surgical abortion the pregnancy contents of the womb are removed with the surgical method. It can be either by applying suction or using forceps. This involves the use of an anesthetic and is performed by a medical practitioner.

Medical abortion- In medical abortion the termination of pregnancy and the removal of the contents is done with the help of medication. …

Hundreds of years before pharmacies popped up everywhere, ladies were dependent on natural and herbal solutions to take them out through the stress and complication of pregnancy. They would rather have a piece of ginger to ease nauseous feeling or drink raspberry tea to reduce labor.

Natural remedies for home abortion

Herbal cures may appear to be a preferable choice over medications since they come from plants. In any case, since they’re regular doesn’t mean these items are alright for you and your child. A survey of 74 examinations on herbal enhancement use in pregnancy discovered negative results from certain natural remedies. Ginger was related…

What is infertility?

Infertility is a failure to get pregnant after a year of trying to get pregnant. Many couples face infertility for various reasons. The treatment of infertility depends on the reason that causes infertility. In this blog, we will understand more about infertility and the causes that lead to it.

Causes Of Infertility In Women

Broadly there are two types of infertility:

1- Primary infertility- It is when a woman is unable to get pregnant for the first time

2- Secondary infertility- It is when a woman has gotten pregnant in the past but unable to get pregnant again.

There are many reasons…

What is a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is when a fetus or embryo is expelled from the uterus before the completion of 20 weeks. The first sign of miscarriage is back pain, cramping, and abdominal pain accompanied by heavy vaginal bleeding. Based on your pregnancy period these symptoms can stay for a few days like your normal menstruation or sometimes up to 3–4 weeks. If you observe any of these symptoms then visit your medical expert as he or she can identify the miscarriage and assist you with the further steps.

How to take care of yourself after a miscarriage

What happens after that:

When you discover that you had…

Medical abortion is a process that does not end in one day, unlike the surgical abortion procedure. Hence, the removal of pregnancy tissues can also take time during the medical pregnancy termination procedure. This blog helps women understand how much of time do abortion pills take to work and remove pregnancy tissues from the body.


The first pill, Mifepristone, is consumed on the first day of medical abortion. The consumption of Misoprostol pills follows it. Both medicines are consumed in two different ways.

The first pill has to be consumed orally with a glass…

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