What To Know About Using Misoprostol for Early Pregnancy Loss

Emma Mary
3 min readMar 30, 2021


“Early pregnancy loss” can be either referred to as “miscarriage” or “spontaneous abortion”. It is a natural process where the fetus dies before 12 weeks. About 15–20% of all pregnancies may face the situation of miscarriage

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Misoprostol for early pregnancy loss.

The exact reasons for its occurrence are not clear. It is also known as missed abortion as the fetus is dead but is not expelled from the body yet. It is important to note that regular day-to-day activities and mild exercise do not cause it.

The dead fetus and the pregnancy tissues can be removed from the uterus using following ways

  1. Waiting for the body to naturally remove the fetus remains from the body
  2. Undergoing surgical process to take out the leftover contents
  3. Using medication to expel the aborted pregnancy from the womb

You can choose the option according to your convenience and your doctor’s opinion.

Using Misoprostol Medication:

Many women opt to use medication to complete the process of abortion. Because they find it emotionally draining to wait for a few weeks for the body to naturally expel the tissues. Nor do they want to use the surgical method which is invasive and may not offer a similar degree of privacy and freedom.

If you choose to use medication for the removal of pregnancy tissues your doctor will prescribe Misoprostol (Cytolog). It is commonly known as abortion pills. You can also buy abortion pills online. Misoprostol initiates severe cramping in the uterus that loosens and detaches the uterus lining from the uterus. It also dialects the cervix within a few hours.

How to administer?

You will intake four Misoprostol pills either through a buccal cavity or through the vagina. You can put two pills each in both your chick pouches and keep it there undisturbed for the next half an hour. The pills are expected to completely dissolve during this time. You should engulf the remaining pills after half an hour is passed.

If you decide to or suggested by the doctor to administer the Misoprostol pills through the vagina, place the four pills in the vagina one after another pushing with the tip of your finger. The pills will dissolve on their own. Do not insert any other object into the vagina.

What is expected?

Within a few hours of administration of the Misoprostol cramping and bleeding will start. It will be heavy bleeding and it is better if you are lying in bed when it starts. The cramping will be severe than your regular menstrual cycle and you might need pain reliever medicine to manage it.

The pregnancy tissues are expected to pass within 4–16 hours since the bleeding starts. Clots or thick tissue mass are observed in blood flow during heavy bleeding. The bleeding will slow down once the tissues are passed.

The light bleeding will continue for 2–3 weeks after that. You should use maxi pads to soak the bleeding rather than a tampon or menstrual cup as it increases the chances of

Infection significantly.

What side effects are caused?

Misoprostol causes temporary side effects like,

  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdomen pain
  • Shivering
  • Fever and chills

These symptoms keep reducing gradually.

When to seek help?

While using Misoprostol for incomplete abortion is safe and effective, you should know about the few possible occasions you will need to call for medical help to confirm that everything is going properly. These happenings are listed below.

  • If you do not experience bleeding even after 24 hours of taking the medication of Misoprostol. You might need to repeat the medication or wait for the miscarriage to happen naturally.
  • In case the heavy bleeding returns after a couple of weeks.
  • There is an unbearable pain that you fail to manage with usual over the counter pain reliever of the ones prescribed by the doctor.
  • In the case of foul smell comes from bleeding.
  • If you get a fever that lasts more than 24 hours
  • If there is heavy bleeding that soaks one maxi pad in less than an hour for 2–3 consecutive hours you should contact a doctor.
  • In case of light-headed feeling, dizziness, and fainting you should seek help from a medical practitioner.

How to purchase Misoprostol?

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