How To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

Emma Mary
3 min readApr 1, 2021


Unplanned pregnancies can be avoided with various contraceptive methods. There are different types of contraceptives available. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages and vary in their success rate. Some common contraceptive methods are explained below.

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Avoid Unwanted pregnancy

Tracking your periods:

This is a completely natural method to avoid pregnancy. In this method, you should track starting and ending days of your period over time. Pay minute attention to changes in your body to figure out your fertile period. That is 8–9 days and varies from person to person. Once you figure out your fertile period avoid sex during this period. This method requires a high degree of precision to be successful.

Hormonal methods:

This method uses hormones to stop pregnancy by stopping ovulation from the ovaries. Various contraceptives come under this method as listed below.

Contraceptive pills: Contains hormones like estrogen and progestin and should be taken as instructed.

Contraceptive patches: You can stick these patches on the stomach, buttock, upper arm, and then back for three weeks a month.

Injection: The contraceptive shot can be given by the doctor. This injection is effective for three months.

Vaginal ring: This is a plastic ring inserted into the vagina. This ring releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. It should be removed after three weeks to allow the flow of the menstrual cycle.


Intrauterine devices are placed inside the uterus. They stop sperms from fertilizing the egg. The IUDs are of two types,

Hormonal IUDs: The hormonal IUDs allow ovulation but thicken the mucus lining of the cervix and stops the sperms from entering the uterus and can be used for a period of five years.

Copper-based IUDs: These devices do not deal with hormones but contain a copper wire which kills sperms that try to control the uterus.

Inserting the Implants:

The implant is a small rod interested in the arm. It releases the progestin in the body which stops ovulation. The implant is effective for three years and then requires the replacement.

Physical barrier methods:

In this method, a physical barrier is formed to stop the pregnancy. There are various contraceptives to do so by using the male condom, female condom. diaphragm, sponge, cervical cap, and spermicide.

Emergency contraception:

The emergency contraceptive is used when there has been unprotected sex or the breakage of the condom which can lead to pregnancy. This can be an emergency contraceptive pill or a copper IUD. These measures can be taken under five days of unprotected sex. The sooner the better.

Sterilization surgery:

Sterilization surgery can be done for both males and females. This is a permanent method. It prevents pregnancy by stopping the eggs from reaching the uterus in females and release of sperms in the semen in the males.

Abortion pills:

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