Unplanned pregnancies can be avoided with various contraceptive methods. There are different types of contraceptives available. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages and vary in their success rate. Some common contraceptive methods are explained below.

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Avoid Unwanted pregnancy

Tracking your periods:

This is a completely natural method to avoid pregnancy. In…

Termination of unplanned pregnancy is called abortion. It can be done within 8 weeks of pregnancy. There are two methods of abortion, medication abortion, and surgical abortion.

Surgical abortion- In surgical abortion the pregnancy contents of the womb are removed with the surgical method. It can be either by applying…

Hundreds of years before pharmacies popped up everywhere, ladies were dependent on natural and herbal solutions to take them out through the stress and complication of pregnancy. They would rather have a piece of ginger to ease nauseous feeling or drink raspberry tea to reduce labor.

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Natural remedies for home abortion

Herbal cures may appear…

What is a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is when a fetus or embryo is expelled from the uterus before the completion of 20 weeks. The first sign of miscarriage is back pain, cramping, and abdominal pain accompanied by heavy vaginal bleeding. Based on your pregnancy period these symptoms can stay for…

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